My name is Damon Struble and it is an honor to share my endorsement of Carrie Rasmussen for District Attorney. I want the citizens of Hood River County to know how lucky you are to have her fighting for your rights.  I am a retired 27-year veteran of the Albany Police Department.  When I met Carrie, I was a detective assigned to investigating child abuse and other major crimes.  Carrie was a relatively new Deputy District Attorney in Linn County then.  I soon became impressed with her passion for the law and her dogged persistence in obtaining justice for victims, especially those who are too small or too young to stand up for themselves.

Carrie was assigned and successfully prosecuted some of the most egregious cases I investigated during my entire carrier.  Though I could tell the facts of the cases emotionally bothered her.  Linn County was a safer place for her actions and diligence to do what is right not just take the easy way out.

So many times in child abuse cases, victim’s voices are silenced by fear.  Carrie by the kindness of her nature and tenacity of her will to do what’s right is able to give victims their voices back and in doing so makes the county she works in a safer place.

I am not a politically correct person so will leave you with this.  You would be foolish not to elect Carrie Rasmussen as your District Attorney.


Damon Struble