Carrie Rasmussen is supported by local community leaders, non-profit advocates, small business owners, district attorneys, legal professionals and citizens throughout Hood River County and across Oregon.

Law Enforcement

Bruce Ludwig
Hood River Police Chief (retired)

Andy Frasier
Hood River Law Enforcement Officer

Chief Jerry Moore
Salem Chief of Police

Pete Read
Law Enforcement

Emelike (Eme) Delancy
Law Enforcement

Glenn Fairall
Law Enforcement

Kyle Cozad
Law Enforcement

Damon Struble
Law Enforcement

Small Businesses

Dick & Christie Reed
Wy’East Vineyards

Lee Montavon
Montavons Berries, Owner

Julie Moe
Orchardist, Glacier Ranch, Inc

Grace Su
China Gorge Restaurant

Jeremy Lane
Lane Excavation

Debi Baskins

A.J. Kitt
Local Realtor

Cheri Belander
Cheri Belander Real Estate

Heidi Venture
Heidi Venture Consulting, LLC

Samantha Tanner
PLS, Owner, 45th Parallel Geomatics, LLC

Anne Savage
Small Business Owner

Stuart Watson
Retired journalist and business owner

Bradley Gearhart
Jacob Williams Winery

District Attorneys

Gretchen Ladd
Wheeler County District Attorney

Wade McLeod
Sherman County District Attorney

Marion Weatherford
Gilliam County District Attorney

Steven Leriche
Jefferson County District Attorney

John Foote
Clackamas County District Attorney

Doug Marteeny
Linn County District Attorney

Paul Frasier
Coos County District Attorney

Kelsie McDaniel
Union County District Attorney

John Haroldson
Benton County District Attorney

William B. Porter
Tillamook County District Attorney

EveLyn Costello
Klamath County District Attorney

Jonathan Cable
Lincoln County District Attorney

Patricia Perlow
Lane County District Attorney

Kevin Barton
Washington County District Attorney

Joshua Marquis
Clatsop County District Attorney, Retired

Dan Norris
Malheur County District Attorney, Retired


Jack Morris

Ginger Mooney

Ani Yardumian

Jerrett Glass

Leslie Wolf

Jennifer Meisberger

Jonathan Crow

Heidi Sternhagen

Mike Thompson

Jeff Wallace

Jon Martz

Lesley Haskell

Richard Balsley

Colleen McMonagle
Attorney, Retired

Bob Barton

Donna Maddux

Brian Starns

Erin Olson

Jim Mason

John Wentworth

Greg Kafoury

Community Advocates

Gloria Needham
Victim Advocate

Beatriz Lynch
Child Abuse Forensic Interviewer

Michelle Tremblay
Child Abuse Forensic Interviewer

Mayra Rivera
Victim Advocate

Amy Kitt
Juvenile Counselor

Tina Castañares
Physician and Community Advocate

Amy Swift
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Anna Williams
State Representative
House District 52

Kate McBride

David Stefanini
Community Partner

Jana Castañares

Don Darland
1st. Lt. USMC Ret.
Former President, Oregon Foster Parent Association

Ruth Tsu

Judy Aguilera
Human Resources Specialist

Stephanie Campbell
Community Member

Karen Fairchild

Lee Fairchild

Dr. Bonnie New

Kerry Hatten

Elizabeth Crowe

Belinda Ballah

Jim Hamer

Elizabeth Cushwa

Tracie Hornung

Anne Carloss

Leslie Moon

Sean Coleman

Dardie Robinson
Compassion Connect Volunteer Dental Clinics Coordinator

Erin Thompson

Amanda Lindemyer

Susan Witt

Stephanie Johnston

Cindy Allen

Beth Flake

Jeff Debonis

Susan Debonis

Susan Baldwin

Tom Kaser

Lucy Hill

Margaret Heydon

Chris Carey

Patricia Fox

Janet Hawkins

Stephanie Irving

Tom McCallum

Jennifer Pauletto

Mark Reynolds

Phyllis Boulton

Bridget Bailey

Christina White

Tim Counihan

Timothy Tracy

R. Douglas Rogers

Anita Travis-Motley

Charlie Miller

Resa Boxell

Katie Krametbauer

Kathy Pickering

James Hendrickson

John Wacker

Lara Dunn

Mary Collet

Clare and Tom Fisher

Beth Hartwell

Elizabeth Garber

Sue Jepson

Cecilia Goodnight

Leanne Hogie

Mike Hendricks

Ellen Bernards Mallon

Marcus Y.

Stephanie Campbell

Cecilia Mihaylo
Court Interpreter for the Spanish Language

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