I’ve lived in Hood River County for 15 years and have watched leaders come and go in various roles. One of the most important positions that often gets overlooked is that of our District Attorney. For that role, I’m supporting Carrie Rasmussen without hesitation. Carrie has been a Deputy DA in Hood River County for over 15 years and has learned to know and work with DAs around the state. It’s significant that so many of them have endorsed her candidacy and it’s vital for the DA in a small community to have a working relationship with other DAs. Carrie has that already in place.

There is another way in which Carrie has a proven record in this community. In 2008, she realized the need for a Children’s Advocacy Center here and within one year that Center opened its doors. The Columbia Gorge Children’s Advocacy Center has truly changed the lives of hundreds of children because it allows them to be heard and examined in safer, less fearful environments than would otherwise be true. This non-profit has also saved thousands of dollars for our county and sheriff departments. Carrie has a proven record of success in protecting children and advocating for them, making Hood River County a safer place for children to live and play and grow up.

Carrie has worked with Helping Hands, conducted trainings, educated students by speaking at schools about child trafficking, secured grants to support this, and much more! I’m really impressed with all Carrie has done and is doing to improve the lives of all the people of Hood River County. A vote for Carrie is a vote for a safer future for our children. I hope you will learn more about Carrie at carrierasmussenforda.com.

We need Carrie Rasmussen to become the next District Attorney because she brings experience to our DAs office and community. This is not a time to bring in a novice! I hope you will join me in voting for her and telling your friends about Carrie’s work and proven commitment to improving the lives of all in Hood River County.

Ruth Tsu
Hood River