For the last nine years, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Carrie Rasmussen on the Governor’s Child Welfare Advisory Council. During that time, I always noted Carrie was well prepared, had a good grasp of the issues, was actively involved in the discussions, and was not afraid to make a well thought out decision or recommendation.

One of her major roles on the Council was to chair the Oregon Children’s Justice Act Task Force. Carrie had this responsibility for many years and worked hard to assemble an effective subcommittee to assist with the work. During the time she led the task force they conducted surveys to determine priorities, brought those priorities back to the Council for education and further input, and ultimately made decisions on how grant monies would be spent. Important areas such as domestic violence, Karl y’ s Law, court procedures and child sex abuse were among the topics the task force identified as needed training throughout the state.

While I have not had the opportunity to observe Carrie in her role as a Deputy District Attorney, I can only assume she brings the same fire and work ethic to that job as she brought to the advisory council. It was clear to me she cared about children and issues regarding foster kids and families and was committed to carrying out her work on the task force with the attention the issues deserved .

With her experience as a Deputy District Attorney for not only Hood River County but other counties in Oregon, I feel Ms. Rasmussen will represent all the citizens of Hood River County with both tenacity and fairness.

Carrie Rasmussen has served on many Boards and Committees and she has proven her commitment to the Hood River Community. Ms. Rasmussen’s dedication to making Hood River a better place to live shows she truly cares about the people she serves. She has committed her entire career to public service.

I feel Carrie Rasmussen is clearly a viable candidate for the position of Hood River District Attorney.

Jerry Moore
Chief of Police, Salem