My name is Glenn Fairall. I am retired from a 30 plus year law enforcement career.

I spent the last 25 years of my career employed at the Albany Police Department, where I spent the bulk of those years assigned as a major crimes detective specializing in child abuse and sex crime investigations. Albany Police Department services portions of both Linn County and Benton County. In the course of my duties I got to know many attorneys; both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, including some who held both roles over the years. During 2001 and 2002 I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Carrie Rasmussen, who was employed as a Deputy District Attorney in Linn County.

During the period of time Carrie spent working in Linn County I had the opportunity to work with her and observe her work and personality. Carrie left a lasting positive impression with me. I had the opportunity to work with Carrie and observe her as she prosecuted a ground breaking child sexual abuse case in which the child was sexually trafficked by her biological mother. This was a difficult case to prosecute because the defendant had not actually physically participated in the abuse of the child. Carrie thought “outside the box” and her interpretation of Oregon’s Rape in the First-Degree Law was successfully applied and resulted in a conviction that included an appropriately long prison sentence for the perpetrator.

The Carrie Rasmussen I know is intelligent, tenacious, and tough; while still possessing great empathy and a sense of humor. I don’t think the residents of Hood River County could find a better person to serve as their District Attorney than Carrie Rasmussen.


Glenn Fairall