We own Wy’East Vineyards and we have been part of Hood River County community for decades and we care about its future, which is why we will both be supporting Carrie Rasmussen for Hood River County District Attorney this May.

Carrie’s commitment to our community is clear and her experience is unmatched. Her 20 years as a prosecutor, 15 of which have been right here in Hood River County, are experience that matters to us.

As small business owners in this community, we care about the safety of our streets and appreciate a candidate that prioritizes that same. Carrie Rasmussen is the only candidate with a proven track record of advocating for all groups in Hood River County, and she does so in such a way that we are all kept safe in this community.

Our future depends on having the right leader in the right role at the right time. That leader is Carrie Rasmussen. Our community would benefit from the strong leadership and character of woman like Carrie. She has time and time again proved that she can be relied on to handle tough situations and we certainly hope that you will join us in voting for a stronger, safer future by voting for Carrie Rasmussen for District Attorney in May.

Christie and Dick Reed
Hood River