Firstly I would like to have it known I am not one who has any particular political affiliation, whether it is a party or an individual. I endorse and/or vote based upon my belief the individual(s) are qualified, capable and have the best interest of the PEOPLE at the forefront. It is with this in mind I am endorsing Carrie Rasmussen for Hood River County District Attorney.

For the last 8+ years I have worked in Law Enforcement and have had the opportunity to work with Carrie.

I have come to respect Carrie’s tenacity when it comes to fighting for victims rights. Early on in my career I could not understand why Carrie was so hard and blunt when it came to cases investigated by Law Enforcement. However as I have grown in the profession I realize Carrie simply expects thoroughness, diligence and complete professionalism. These expectations are not for her benefit it is for the Victim(s). If I could have a choice for someone to fight for a friend or family member it would be Carrie!

I not too long ago personally witnessed Carrie ‘go to bat’ for a Hood River County resident who was the victim of a troubling incident. This particular incident took place in another jurisdiction within the State, but the Law Enforcement officials were laxed with their pursuit of justice. Carrie went the extra mile and forced the hand of the officials in the jurisdiction to act. Carrie DID NOT have to do this and she could not be faulted if she had not as I knew she had a full case load.

I think this example like many others speak to the individual Carrie is and how she will fight for you the Hood River County resident.

With this I hope you will cast your vote for Carrie Rasmussen for Hood River County District Attorney. Someone who will fight for you!

Emelike (Eme) Delancy