April 6, 2020

To the Citizens of Hood River County,

Throughout my law enforcement career, I have never involved myself publicly with any political campaign, but I feel it necessary to pledge my support to Carrie Rasmussen as the most qualified candidate in the Hood River County District Attorney election.

Anyone who knows me, knows I will give you my straight opinion.

I have worked in Law Enforcement for nearly 27 years, nearly the last 22 years being within Hood River County. During my time in Law Enforcement I have never worked with a prosecutor with an equal passion for their job as Carrie Rasmussen.

I first met Carrie Rasmussen when she became a Deputy District Attorney for Hood River County. Through the years Carrie has prosecuted a multitude of cases I have worked on. Some of the cases she has prosecuted were horrific and included child sexual abuse, rape, sodomy, assaults, various domestic violence acts and even infant homicide. Time after time Carrie went above and beyond what I expected.

Carrie is clear, concise, and stops at nothing to fight for victims who otherwise would not have a voice. Her number one priority is to ensure that our community is safe and healthy.

Not only is Carrie a dynamic prosecutor, but she is a very personable, approachable and compassionate individual. Not only does she fight for justice, but she demonstrates leniency and good judgment to ensure that difficult cases reach the best outcome for all involved.

In addition, Carrie has spent countless volunteer hours in support of Hood River County Community Organizations like the Columbia Gorge Children’s Advocacy Center.

With the plethora of experience, knowledge and compassion Carrie Rasmussen has displayed over the years I’ve known her, I believe she is clearly the best candidate for the position of Hood River District Attorney.

If anyone wants to know more about why I feel this way I encourage you to contact me on my free time and we can continue the conversation.

With that, I am asking you to please join me in voting for Carrie Rasmussen for Hood River County District Attorney.

In Service,

Anthony (Andy) T. Frasier