Thank you.

I am grateful and humbled by the support of Hood River County voters who have elected me as their District Attorney. It’s been my honor to serve the people of Hood River County for 15 years as a Deputy District Attorney, advocating for victims of crime, especially children, and successfully prosecuting cases to protect our communities.

I will work hard to increase the collaboration of the District Attorney’s office with local and regional agencies to make our office more accountable to the public, to create a mental health court to address mental health needs, and improve programs helping domestic violence victims without increasing costs to taxpayers.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to working with you and serving our communities.

Christie & Dick Reed

Our communities need an experienced prosecutor like Carrie Rasmussen—one who clearly cares about our communities and has a proven track record of keeping us safe. We trust Carrie Rasmussen to be our next District Attorney.

Christie & Dick Reed
Owners, Wy’East Vineyards

Crime Victims United

Crime Victims United of Oregon strongly endorses Carrie Rasmussen for Hood River County District Attorney. Carrie has been a long-time advocate and champion for crime victims both in and out of the courtroom. With her 20-year track record of success bringing justice to some of Oregon’s most dangerous criminals, Hood River County would be well-served to elect Carrie Rasmussen as their next District Attorney.

Steve Doell, President
Crime Victims United of Oregon

Beatriz Lynch

Carrie has dedicated herself to the cause of making Hood River County better, she truly cares about the survivors she fights for every day. That dedication is prevalent in the attention she gives each child victim of abuse.

Beatriz Lynch, Child Abuse Forensic Interviewer

Kate McBride

Carrie has my vote because of her focus on victims’ rights and especially her time working to make sure that children involved in the justice system are treated with care and sensitivity as they are interviewed during some of the most life changing events of their lives. Her experience far outweighs her opponent’s and will make a great deal of difference for our county in the future.

Kate McBride

Jerry Moore

With her experience as a Deputy District Attorney for not only Hood River County but other counties in Oregon, I feel Ms. Rasmussen will represent all the citizens of Hood River County with both tenacity and fairness.

Jerry Moore, Salem Chief of Police

Gretchen Ladd

As a fellow prosecutor, I know what it takes to step into a courtroom day-in and day-out and face some of the toughest criminals our communities have ever seen. Deputy Rasmussen does so with tenacity for justice, respect for everyone in the courtroom, and significant knowledge of the law. Hood River County would be well-served to elect Carrie as their next District Attorney.

Gretchen Ladd, Wheeler County District Attorney

Ruth Tsu

Carrie has a proven record of success in protecting children and advocating for them, making Hood River County a safer place for children to live and play and grow up.

Ruth Tsu, retired educator

Andy Frasier

I have worked in Law Enforcement for nearly 27 years, nearly the last 22 years being within Hood River County. During my time in Law Enforcement I have never worked with a prosecutor with an equal passion for their job as Carrie Rasmussen.

With the plethora of experience, knowledge and compassion Carrie Rasmussen has displayed over the years I’ve known her, I believe she is clearly the best candidate for the position of Hood River District Attorney.

Andy Frasier
Hood River Law Enforcement Officer

Josh Marquis

Hood River would be well-served by promoting her from her role as a chief Deputy DA. She cares about crime victims, not politics. She deserves your vote and support.

Joshua Marquis, Retired Clatsop County DA

Debi Baskins

I have known Carrie for the 15 years she has worked in Hood River County and have seen first-hand her tireless advocacy for child abuse victims, domestic violence victims and victims of all crime. Every day Carrie demonstrates her desire to make our community a better place for all who live In the Hood River Valley, as well as those who come to visit.

Debi Baskins

Marcus Y

I have had my share of trouble a in past and been treated far by carri and now have a good life cause she held me accountable and gave me good words that showed she cared.

Marcus Y.
(Last name held for privacy)

Kyle Cozad

I worked with Carrie for many years in Hood River County. That experience has led me to believe that she has the knowledge, dedication, and complete understanding of local issues to best represent the citizens of Hood River County as the next District Attorney.

Kyle Cozad, Law Enforcement

Dardie Robinson

Carrie stands up for the vulnerable and protects the weakest. She works tirelessly to ensure the safety of our citizens whose voices are the weakest, in particular children and elderly.

Dardie Robinson

Anne Savage

Carrie Rasmussen is my choice for Hood River DA. Her record shows her diligence and honesty and strength of character. There is no better choice.

Anne Savage

Jonathan Crow

I have been a prosecutor for 20 years, and I was fortunate to work alongside Carrie in Linn County. Carrie is a fierce prosecutor in the courtroom. Carrie is dedicated, smart, and works hard to get justice in criminal cases. Carrie fights to give victims a voice in our system, and she will be an excellent District Attorney.

Jonathan Crow, Attorney





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